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NOPE Task Force – Narcotics Overdose Prevention & Education

Suggested Resources

Contemporary Research for each of the certification topics are provided in the Certification Packet. Additional research is required. Suggestions:

  • Contacting NOPE Task Force
  • Interview professionals in your community
  • Suggested website list

Below is a list of websites that provide accurate statistics and information, these sites are approved resources for NOPE certification projects. Be sure to acknowledge all the information sources in your project!

Make the Call! Dial 911 ™

Many people do not call 911 because they are afraid of being arrested, but calling 911 may be the ONLY way to save someone’s life.

You Are Responsible

  • Overdose deaths are second only to car crashes for unintentional injury deaths.
  • Many overdose deaths could have been prevented if someone called emergency services.
  • Approximately 28,000 people in the U.S. die from a prescription drug overdose each year. [15]

Be the Hero...Tell Someone ™

If you or someone you know is using drugs, tell someone that can help before an overdose occurs.

  • Don’t let your loved one’s denial of a problem prevent you from helping them.

Where to Turn